Meal replacement shake

I know that many people still own a traditional method of thought when it comes to a lot of things in the fitness world. This also draws in the traditon method of thinking about diet and nutrition (which are two separate things btw). Supplementation is also its own entity in my opinion. Blurring the line between supplementation and nutrition is of course protein powder.

There are all kinds of powdered drink mixes you can use depending on the flavor you like, your goals, and your dietary /food allergy needs. Most sports athletes and gym goers, use protein as a post-workout meal in order to hit that 45 minute anabolic window after working out. Thats more of a myth by the way, but I believe it (I’ll save that for another day).

So IMO the least appreciated of all of the types of powderss is the meal replacement powder. Its not really a well defined category of powder or goal like isolates or caseins for instance. Its broad in a way. Anything that doesn’t fall under the whey, casein, soy, or otherwise kind of falls in there. You end up with the old stuff you’re gonna find in a drug store like ensure(*barf*) and ten plus pound buckets of weight gainer. I’m guilty of the latter in my earlier days of working out. I mean how can you beat a ten pound bucket of protein for $30. It was a different yet fun time back then.

I will say that I went completely natural and didn’t use any supplements for a year and a half recently. That stretch of spending a lot of time cooking ended a month or so ago. The problem being that I leave my house at 5am for my job and I have a hard time finding my shoes, much less cooking a dcent breakfast at that time of the day. I came to the deceision that I should change it up nutritionally and blend a shake for breakfast. I wanted it to have adequate amounts of all the essentials nutrients and be healthy at the same time, The shake I came up with and have been drinking for the last couple months is great because it has around 40g of protein, tons of fiber, green veggies, no dairy, and healthy carbs. It doesn’t taste out the world like the cinnamon bun casein I bought the other, but the flavor needs to be taken with a grain salt because of the nutritional content.

  • 1 scoop chocolate beef isolate
  • 1 scoop hemp protein
  • 1 kale  stalk with leaves
  • 1 half of banana (optional depending if you want/need the extra carbs and sugars)
  • Fill with enough coconut and/or almond milk so that it will mix properly

Its simple enough, yet very effective as a meal that will get you through the first part of your morning. I use beef isolate because thats what I like to use post workout and the chocolate does a bit for the taste of the shake overall. I can put kale in just about anything and be happy with it. Soem people tend the stereotype it, but the reality is that kale is one the most healthy lettuces. Its full of vitamins and minerals including calcium (which is important if you dont eat much dairy).

The use of hemp protein may sound a little crunchy so to speak, but very few people understand the strengths of hemp protein as a food source. It has slightly less protein than a comparable amount of a traditional powder, but it naturally has all 21 essential amino acids. It also had an adequate amount of fiber.

If one wanted to negate the chocolate protein, change the flavor, or add more calories/carbs…any type of berries could be added with positive results(I have tried this with good results).



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