Why you shouldn’t buy cheap protein

Protein powder is not an essential nutrient to all, but it is more than just a nutritional/supplemental additive to ones diet. Due to this fact, not all are created equal or the same as the next. Recently I started using protein powder (and other supplements for that matter) after a couple year of abstaining and only eating whole foods. In a rash of buying a few miscellaneous supplements, I ended up buying a less than averagly priced protein just for shits and gigs. It was a sight unseen sort of deal as the full nutritional content wasn’t available on the site that I purchased it from. Anyways, the product showed up about a week later and sat around for a week before I tried it (I had made an order from bodybuilding.com that came much sooner than this shipment).

I won’t disclose the brand that is distributing this product for multiple reasons(they don’t endorse me, I don’t endorse them, I won’t give negative press to someone who can’t defend themself, etc.) But that’s part of the product and its brand, it doesn’t appear that they actually produce the product. It seems like the company only sticks their label on it and distributes it. This makes me wonder where they actually produce the supplement itself. I can’t tell for sure because it says nothing about the place of production on the label. I’d venture to imagine its somewhere in China. Maybe near where they produce fake nikes and oakleys or that toothpaste that kills people. The company itself is based somewhere out of Florida and have been in business for ten years from the information I gathered from some research(google).

The actual nutrtional information wasn’t horrible. It had a bunch of amino acids, low carbs, and  healthy amount of protein(26g per every 31g scoop). That all seemed pretty normal, but the ingredients were not. This was a chocolate peanut butter flavor by the way. Cocoa was the last of the 10 or so ingredients in the list. Everything including sucralose(splenda) and artificial flavors came before it. Nothing about peanut butter was mentioned in the ingredients at all.

I tried it in a blended shake like I normally do and the results weren’t favorable. It didn’t mix well(in a blender no less). The taste was about average, but the consistency wasn’t good (extremely dry and chalky).

I have managed to make some use of it though. Its ok for making protein bars and pancakes. Obviously not the best protein for you, but I plan on just using it till its gone and of course never buying again.



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