No bake protein cupcakes

Truth be told, I’m not much of a baker (huge surprise). I do enjoy a cupcake or two, but I don’t really enjoy bleached white flour and starch. As its been said, “Fat lasts longer than flavor”. It can be a delicate balance at times. You need to find that balance between eating something thats healthy and eating something that is overly indulgent (most likely full of sugars). I don’t see anything wrong with thinking outside the box and going with a creative option.

These cupcakes may not be the same consistency as a normal cupcake, but they do mimic the size, shape, and eating experience. You can even frost or garnish them if you like. Using the protein that I used, They come out to around 22-23 grams of protein a piece. I used‘s 100% casein powder (cinnamon bun flavor) because I’m using these as a snack before bed. You could use any type of powder depending on what your goals, allergies, and diet looks like. The amount of milk (I used an almond/coconut blend) may differ slightly depending on the type of protein you use. You will also need a nut butter of some kind (I used almond).

This recipe is extremely simple. Literally just three ingredients. This mixture will make 6 cupcakes.

 -5 scoops (180g) protein powder

-1&2/3-2 cups milk

-1 tbsp nut butter

Mix well. Scoop out of your bowl and press into a lined cupcake tin. Frost or garish as you like (before or after refridgeration). I have frosted with almond butter and granished with almonds previously.
If your mixture comes out too watery, you can opt to freeze for a couple hours. This will help dry up/solidify the cupcakes a bit.
Store in fridge.
Enjoy 🙂

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