[Update] Flavor God Speciality Pack Review


I had been hearing a lot of postive press about Flavor God spices from a variety of sources, so I finally deceided I wanted to find out how hype worthy these products are. I ended up purchasing the speciality pack (which includes pizza, himalayan sea salt & pink peppercorn, and chipotle).

My initial thoughts…

One of my inital thoughts was that the spices are available in much larger sized containers than traditional spices (Mrs. Dash, McCormick, etc.), but the price tag was still high for what you are actually getting. I also thought that I might not be able to use the spices before they reached the end of their shelf life (they have a year shelf life and come in 4-7oz containers).

But truth be told…

Despite the price, the size of the containers, the shelf life, the hype, etc….these spices absolutely meet expectations and are worth the price tag($39.99+free shipping).  The taste of these spices is superior to any you can buy in a local supermarket.

You shouldn’t be scared aware by the advertised year shelf life for a couple reasons. The first reason is that a shorter shelf life means that the product is made out of higher quality ingredients, less preservatives, and no additives (these spices are better for you than any other on the market). The other reason is that these spices can literally make anything taste better. So you will use them all the time or put that sh!t on everything (as they say) and easily use up the spices before the shelf life has expired. These spices have taken precedence over any store bought sauces in my “food life” and why not. After all, they taste great and they’re better for you due to being low in sodium content, free of sugars, and lacking fillers.

The spices really do go great on anything I’ve tried them on so far. I like to mix the three together with some apple cider vinegar and a touch of worcestershire sauce to make the perfect marinade for any meat. Its my go-to for a my weekly meal prepped chicken and any jerkies that I make.

Below is the link to me looking foolish in a YouTube video back in July when I first got the spices in the mail.


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