I got married to my wife back in September and I spent a great deal of time before hand trying to decide which wedding band I wanted to go with. I looked at a lot of possible options over the course of a couple months and finally decided to order a wedding band from Staghead designs. This company makes some fantastic looking rings. All their rings are made to order, not mass produced, and made from organic materials. The ring I chose was a titanium band with malchite and patina copper inlay. I was extremely happy with the detail and quality of my order, but there was a problem (how well the ring would hold up in the future?). I trust the quality of the manufacture of staghead designs because all of their pieces are hand-made in America (Utah to be exact), but the company does warn its customers that they use a sealant in the manufacturing process that can be broken down by harsh hand soaps. Being that this is my wedding ring and there is a large amount of sentimental value attached to it, I wanted to preserve the life and look of it as long as possible.

I had heard of  Qalo rings through ads I had seen online, as well as various people posting about them on instagram. I was close to pulling the trigger on ordering one (they only cost like $25 hah) and then my wife found someone selling one in the color I wanted on a local Facebook garage sale site. I immediately responded and went to try on the ring the next day. It was a half size too small for me (qalo doesn’t make half sizes), but it fit great due to the elasticity of the silicone. I paid $10 for it and also got a mesh carrying case which is good for holding whichever ring I’m not wearing.

About Qalo..

Qalo (pronounced kay-lo) rings are manufactured and marketed towards married people who’s wedding bands get in the way of their lifestyles. Which is an infinite amount of people including anyone who: workouts, rock climbs, works on vehicles, is afraid of betting their ring caught on something or ruined, etc. There are many professions where a metal ring can impede your work or become dirty/damaged because of your work. For this reason Qalo markets some of their rings directly towards EMTs, fire fighters, and law enforcement.

My reasoning for purchasing a Qalo ring was both professional and non-professional. I work in a field in which I have to wash my hands a lot and work around metal/concrete all day. Both of which are very rough on traditional jewelry. I also didn’t want to wear a decorative ring that would draw unneeded attention.

As far as outside of my workplace, I wanted a ring that I didn’t have to take off while I was training. I really would hate to see the knurling from my barbell scratch my wedding band. Having to take a ring off for an activity increases the chance of you losing the ring. It can also be a hassle to get my Staghead designs ring on and off.

Overall great product…

I’ve been wearing it for around three months now and have absolutely no complaints. The ring is extremely  light weight and comfortable. I barely notice that I have it on. It shows no signs of wear. There are no cracks or tears in the silicone and I’ve been pretty rough on it. Well worth the money and I would recommend Qalo to anyone.





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