Recipe: Stuffed chicken breasts

What better to do than write a blog when you’re stranded in an airport. While on our way back from Tampa, our flight was delayed for two hours and our connecting flight from Newark was straight cancelled (as well as the following flight that was supposed to go to our final destination). So, we’ll be here for a little bit due to having to change flights and meet a different connecting flight. This is all course added to the pleasure of drving for two and half hours to back to my house from the airport, but Tampa was awesome and we had a great time. 

 A good way to make and prep a meal or multiple meals is the create something that is stuffed. Whether it be a pepper, mushroom, or in this case a chicken breast. Stuffed chicken breast are a great option as far as healthy meal prep for several reasons including: high protein content, low saturated fat content, chicken breast is inexpensive, and simple prep. You can cater this of this sort to your taste (as far as what you choose to stuff them with), but I did calcuate the macros for this recipe. It comes out to 558 calories if you choose to have it with a .5 cup of multi grain rice which comes out to 160 calories. The macros are 44g carbs, 60g protein, and 8g fat (44c/60p/8f). 


-7oz chicken breast

-.25oz kale (chopped)

-1 zima tomato (85g; sliced)

-2 tbsp cheese (sliced; I’ve used feta and cheddar)

-.5 cup multi-grain minute rice

-Seasoning of your choice (I used montreal chicken seasoning)



  1. Gather the ingredients listed above or of your choosing.
  2. Trim the chicken breasts and slice each breast down the center with a thin filet knife. (If you’re serious about counting you’re macros, you can trim the the breast to the weight of your liking at this time and save the trimmings for a future recipe).  
  3. Prep the cheese, kale, and tomatoes.  
  4. Fill the insides of the breasts with the protions of the ingredients listed above.  
  5. Slid three to four toothpicks through each breast to hold the ingredients inside
  6. Coat a pyrex baking dish with cooking spray
  7. Place the stuffed breasts into the dish and seasoning with spices of your choosing.  

The directions end here because there are a few opinions on how to bake chicken. Some people bake it at 450 degrees for around 20 mins and other bake it at 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. I tend to stand around opening and closing the oven after its been in for 30 minutes. Ever since I moved into my new house, which has an electric oven, baking anything has been a bit erradic. Hope you enjoy. 🙂



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