I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to call this entry. It could have been called: “Meal prep gone wrong”,”Failure to weigh”, “Extra meal prepz?’,  or “Too lazy to measure”. Either way the reality is that when I made pulled chicken last week, I made way more than I needed in order to make five or six meals. In seven ounce portions, I would have only needed to cook 35 to 40 ounces and I easily doubled that figure with the amount I cooked.

The Rubbermaid container that contained the extra chicken sat in refrigerator all week staring at me. I spent some time at work on Saturday thinking about what I could do with all the chicken because I knew I would be hungry when I got home. I couldn’t see going to the market like I usually do on Saturday nights and buying more food when I still had so much prepped in the fridge. I also didn’t want to eat the same old chicken and seasoned rice I had been eating since Tuesday. Well I still ended up at the market, but it was a light trip.


This idea will also work great for food left over from Christmas among other holidays.

The ingredients:

-Chi-chi’s enchilada style tortilla shells (these are pretty fluffy)

-Can of Black beans

-Monterrey jack cheese (shredded)

-Whatever leftover meat you’d like to part with.

-A waffle iron (Unless you’re fancy and have a panini press).

Just use the waffle iron because it’ll add character. I promise.

The way I made it the macros add up to: 514 calories, 39 carbs, 18, fats, 51 protein (39c/18f/51p).

I chose to leave out the seasoned rice (macros didn’t fit).

I’m gonna call it…..

Grilled Stuffed Whatever You Got

  1. Lay out a tortilla on a microwave safe plate (good looking out) and spread two tablespoons of cheese on it.  
  2. Warm up your waffle iron.
  3. Microwave the tortilla for one minute.
  4. Remove it from the microwave and measure out a 1/2 cup of the leftover meat and a 1/4 cup of black beans.   
  5. Then load it up and roll it up (It’ll have just enough stuff in it).
  6. Carefully put it on your waffle iron.  ^^Ugly rolling meh^^
  7. Wait a couple minutes (Maybe AMRAP some pushups?)
  8. Check it. It should have some nice waffle print on it.    
  9. Enjoy it. Make some for your friends. Prep it up if you have enough leftovers or if you want to make leftovers of your leftovers.  




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