My normal exercise routines mostly involves random warmups and calisthenic training before I complete (or try to complete) Cross Fit’s daily posted WOD. This is the first time I’m posting a workout that I came up with and also do a regular basis. The name of the workout is pretty self explanatory.

100 dips (ring or straight bar)

100 pistols

100 pull ups

100 lunges

100 pushups

100 air squats

This is a good routine for quite a few reasons

  1. It involves minimal equipment. All you really need is a pull-up bar, something to do dips off of, and a minimal amount of floor space.
  2. It supports weight loss. Calisthenics engage multiple muscle group at once, in turn burning more calories than a “concentration exercise”. This causes your body to need more oxygen. Your lungs will work harder, increasing your cardio.
  3. Its easily scalable. Reps can be added and subtracted, as well as weight can be added to most of the exercises.
  4. Its beginner level. The only moderately difficult exercise is the pistol squats.
  5. Upper/lower. The exercises can be modified so that you all the upper or lower exercise in a row. This is great idea if you are seriously committed or really hate yourself.


If you’re making good on your resolution to turn it all around…You got this! Hang in there!






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