IIFYM McDonald’s Edition


 In the true spirit of someone who counts their macros, I believe that given a nutritional chart or My Fitness Pal, I can make almost anything fit my nutritional goals. What I’m about to describe isn’t something I would recommend making a habit out of. Eating McDonald’s on a daily basis is far from being healthy, but it can fit your macros if you’re smart enough to count it out and eat sensibly. The ideal way to utilize this meal plan would be if you’re on a road trip (hitting a lot of rest stops) or maybe you were just lazy and didn’t make any/enough food prep for the week. Maybe you’ll just wanna give this a shot because its so taboo or because of the irony and shock value. Either way, I’m just going to be counting calories, carbohydrates, fats, and protein during this exercise. Its impossible not to blow the sodium out of the water because fast food has so many preservatives. I’m going to base the macro counting off of a 2000 calorie diet where your goal would be maintenance (staying at at the same weight).



-Scrambled Eggs (2)     15p     5c     12f     190cal

-Cinnamon Roll             8p    57c    9f     420cal

total=               23p   62c    21f     610cal


-Cali Cobb Salad            35p     12c    11f     280cal

-Chicken Selects(3)       23p     28c   20f     380cal

total=               58p     40c    31f     660cal


-Bacon Ranch Salad        33p     12c     9f     260cal

-Small French Fries         2p     30c    13f     250cal

total=                35p     42c   22f     510cal


-Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait   4p      31c     2f     160cal


This calculation isn’t perfect, but its fairly close to where it should be. It really isn’t easy to find decent choices on the McDonald’s menu (mostly due to most food being so high in fat). Surprising there are some choices that aren’t terribly bad for your or for the counting of macros per say. If Morgan Spurlock had counted his macros in “Super Size Me”, he probably wouldn’t have been half dead after his thirty day experiment.






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