I just happened to end up at my local Home Depot the other day. I think I was actually there for something functional and efficient like new weather stripping for my back door, but that didn’t happen. However…while I was there, I came up with the idea that I was gonna buy a bunch of PVC pipe and build myself some parallettes. I figured maybe if I made myself a set, I would get the motivation to improve my L-sit (great ab exercise) and learn the planche (looks really cool). This can easily be achieved while sitting in your living room (as seen above).

Assembling these is pretty easy once you acquire all the necessary parts. These parts include:

-(1) 1.25″ 10ft PVC pipe

-(8) 1.25″ End cap

-(4) 1.25″ T-joints

-(4) 1.25″ 90 degree elbows

-(1) Can of PVC cement

-Athletic tape

(You could go with 1.5″ PVC piping if you wanted to, but 1.25″ is cheaper and feels very sturdy IMO.)

The only tool you will need for this project is a normal hand saw. If you don’t own one and have no intentions of buying one to make a set of these or anything else, then you could easily just use one at a hardware store. Hardware stores usually have hand saws and tape measures in the same aisle as their piping. I suppose the purpose of this is to make the piping less cumbersome when their customers are transporting it through their store. I personally cut my piece, so that it would fit in my car better. Make sure you think ahead though. Ideally you would want to cut the piping into a 36″ piece and a 96″ piece (I think that’s proper math). Anything other than that would need to be trimmed off in increments of six inches (twelve).

  Everything came out to around $31.

What now?..

Go to the cashier. Explain why you have so many pieces of PVC piping and that its really one big piece. They will probably look back at you with a confused expression. Bring it home…

  1. Cut it (if you didn’t do it in the aisle at Home Depot). It needs to be cut into two 18″ pieces and twelve 6′ pieces. (“You need to cut it”)   This was tiring to watch I guess.
  2. You’ll probably want to vacuum or sweep up now. 
  3. If you have sensitive lungs, you’ll want to: take the materials outside, open a window, or find a mask to wear.
  4. Apply the cement to the ends of the two 18″ pieces and attach the four elbows in a downward orientation.
  5. Apply cement to the innards of the four T-joints and insert the twelve 6″ pieces of PVC.
  6. Apply more cement to the innards of the elbows and attach the results of  steps four and five together.
  7. Apply cement to eight end caps and apply them to the open pieces of pipe.
  8. Apply athletic tape if you want to (I did), wait a few minutes for the cement to set, and get after it! 





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