“By efficient, I mean that this exercise stand rates high in the bang for your buck and space for your dollar categories.”

As my fitness life and goals evolve, my home gym also seems to evolve to match the aforementioned. As I have written before, my home gym has transitioned from a eight foot by ten foot spare bedroom (with only gymnastic rings and a barbell) into a setup that takes up around a quarter of a large basement. In my opinion, all I need to complete my setup now is a air bike. However, purchasing the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand (by CAP barbell) was a functional idea (Haha yea..see what I did there).

Well about that…

I had mentioned this piece of equipment previously in this blog, but merely as an example of what could be. Since then, I became convinced that I could make my basement gym more efficient by incorporating it. By efficient, I mean that this exercise stand rates high in the bang for your buck and space for your dollar categories. In order to achieve a functionally fit home gym, you need:

-A pull-up bar

-Somewhere to hang gymnastic rings

-A squat rack

This exercise stand allows for all three of the elements mentioned above. This will save you some time and money. You also won’t have to mount anything into you ceiling or walls to get the desired effect. This would be very helpful if you’re a renter or have a problem with drilling/screwing inside of your homestead. The floor space that it requires is quite minimal. I’d guess around 36″ by 36″, but exact measurements are listed on Amazon.

“Multiple birds will perish at the hands of one rock.”

Initial impressions…

The rack comes completely unassembled obviously. Considering how far this thing had to travel to get to scenic Southern Vermont, the packaging really wasn’t in bad condition when it arrived at my P.O. Box. For this reason, the rack still had all necessary hardware still in the packaging. I have received packages in the past that were missing hardware because the packing materials were weak.

Set up…

The set up was pretty simple. The directions were essentially exploded diagrams. The set up took me around an hour in total. However, it would have taken a bit longer if I had used the pot metal tools they provided. The only tools needed to assemble it are a 11/16 wrench/socket and a small Allen key. Assembly pics below.


Whats not to like..

The main issue with the rack is that it wobbles. The reason it wobbles is that not only is it a tall piece of equipment, but its also fairly light weight. However, this is not a significant cause for concern because its easy to weigh down the base. Theres a peg that is mounted to the frame during the assembly that can used for plate storage (thus weighing down the base). If you counter balance the weigh at the opposite corner with more plates or a sand bag. It makes this piece feel much more sturdy. There are also tabs attached to the base if you wanted to bolt this piece into the floor.

The only other negative that comes to mind is the hooks that the barbell is supposed to rest on. The first issue with them is that they rattle  when you’re using the rack. The other issue with them is that the red colored paint that’s on them comes off on the knurling of a barbell. I’m most likely going to sand the rest of it off so that this is no longer an issue.

The Positives..

It’s extremely cheap. I paid less than $100 for it and I didn’t have to pay for shipping. Comparable racks that Rogue Fitness sells go for upwards of $400. When an item is that much less than what a competitor is offering, it really helps you take issues (like the wobbling) with a grain of salt. I’m not entirely sure what the “courtesy credit” is, but I appreciate the courtesy given on the part of Amazon. Thanks guys.

Another positive is that it’s self contained as I mentioned. Multiple birds will perish at the hands of one rock.

The pull up bar is textured for better grip, but not not rugid enough that it will add to or create caluses.

If you’re really challenged height wise, you could drill more holes in order to lower the pull up bar.

In conclusion…

Just buy it. The price speaks for itself. That is all..

In other news my old pull up bar and squat rack are available if anyone wants them. I also figured old how to get email subscription to work for my blog :). Happy Tuesday!



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