Personally, I’m not very flexible. I was born this way. I have made small improvements, but I still don’t consider myself to be an overly mobile or flexible person. There seems to be a lot of people that have the same problem as me. I’m sure there is probably a vast variety of reasons as to this lack of ability, but in my opinion there are two underlying reasons.

The first reason is that its fairly uncomfortable especially if your body systems are very tight. The majority people avoid being in pain. Hence the high volume of people who take pain medications that merely mask their pain. This is opposed to making positive life changes to try to improve chronic pain issues.

The second reason is that its not really something that people think about. I’d imagine that the only types of people who do it regularly are yogi, fitness people, and those that have been told to do so by a physical therapist. It’s common than hear people saying “I really wanna go lift”. I rarely hear “Let’s go out stretching!” 


Why hip flexibility?

It helps with many exercises. There is an endless lists of exercises that somehow involve hip mobility and strength. These exercise includes: squats, cleans, snatches, and any combination or variations of these exercises. Violent hip extension is pretty difficult when your hips aren’t particularly limber. This isn’t apparent to most people starting fitness journeys.

Why else?

Having tight hips will contribute to lower back pain and injuries. When your hips are tight they have a tendency to turn forward, which in turn causes tightness in your lower back.

Deep squats and heavy squat snatches look pretty sweet. Pretty self explanatory.

Better sex. Also self explanatory.

Disclaimer …

I’m not a doctor or a physical therapist. I’m just a guy who knows a lot about fitness and mobility. I’ve taken courses and done much research into the aforementioned, but have never had formal training. The routine I’m about to explain will improve the health, mobility, and well-being of most participants. I am not responsible of injuries (pre-existing or otherwise). It’s also advised that you don’t perform static stretching before warming/loosening your body systems. Enjoy.

So now that I got that out of the way, I’m going to attempt to explain this stretching routine and what makes it functional. What makes it great is that you can multitask and perform it while you take care of your teeth before bed.

I first floss my teeth then use my Phillips sonic care tooth brush. This brush runs a cleaning cycle of two minutes and pulses every thirty seconds. I do the following two stretches for thirty seconds per hip (times by tooth brush.

1. Low lunge 

This stretch warms you up for…

2. Couch stretch  


I do the couch stretch off of my bathtub. If you aren’t mobile enough to do it off of your tub, you can do it off of your sink. This is a variation of the stretch that works well as a stepping stone. 

In addition, I do one minute either of:

Child’s pose 


A yogi squat


I alternate these stretches. During the minute in which I practice them, I swoosh whitening mouth wash and count in my head.

This routine has greatly improved my hip flexibility and helped to control my lower back pain. I hope it helps you too.




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