I’d venture to say that I’m a pretty simple guy. I like to wake up after seven to eight hours, look at my social media for five or ten, throw on some sweat pants, let my dogs out, and then begin to hydrate (via gallon jug). From there, I usually put a half pot of coffee on and wait for my dogs to finish doing their business.

The next step is to throw on Netflix or a YouTube video to watch while I make breakfast. For years, I ate the same exact thing for breakfast everyday. That meal was three eggs and two pieces of whole wheat toast(except when I ate paleo for a year and a half). It’s a meal that is very simple, quick to cook. It’s also very satisfying and there’s an array of different ways to prepare it (I prefer over easy with the toaster set to four out of five). However, there are downfalls to this meal choice. It’s high in fat, high in cholesterol, and relatively low in protein.

I started seeing a lot of people posting pictures of some amazing looking protein pancakes. I decided to ask some of them about their recipes, but their answer was usually one of the following:”Its a store bought mix”, “I won’t tell you”, or I just didn’t like the recipe. Based on this, I decided to create my own. Its extremely simple and can be can be put together quickly in the morning. Its high in protein, low in fat, and mid-range in carbs. This makes it good to eat whenever, especially before a workout. It can obviously be used to make pancakes or waffles. The recipe below makes two waffles.


-(1) Scoop of protein powder (approximately 33g usually). You can use any kind you prefer.

-(2) egg whites

-1/4 cup of oats

-Splash of almond milk

-Ground cinnamon

-(2) tbsp of greek yogurt

-Real maple syrup

Combine the first four ingredients in a bowl. You can stir or blend them. Cook them as you normally would and garnish with cinnamon and greek yogurt.

I don’t have an exact macro count at the moment, but I should soon. Enjoy.




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