Back in my day, we had very weak options for headphones. You could either wear switchbacks, big clunky Sonys, or some lightweight earbuds. At some point, everyone decided what their preference was and stuck with it. And then came the iPod. Every iPhone/iPod since the beginning of time has come with the same generic (yea they’ve changed a couple times) ear buds. It seemed like for a period of time, everyone was using these ear buds. This is probably because they came free with whatever Apple product you purchased and they encompassed a clean, simple design.

However, Apple ear buds have their share of issues. These problems included, but are not limited to: getting dirty easily (they’re white), they’re flimsy, and pretty much impossible to untangle. Another issue (that I’ve encountered at least) is when you sweat a lot, they tend to short out or the sound quality completely goes to sh**.


Welcome to Bluetooth…

I remember the beginning of these. It was probably around 2010 or 2011. They started off with that loop you’d wear around your neck and the two little sets of ear buds that came out of it. I tried to do a image search to explain what I’m referring to, but I couldn’t locate a picture to illustrate. Maybe electronics companies are embarrassed by how ugly these things are. However, I did see a pair of them in a Black Friday ad this year and they are only around $25 now. Aside from being ugly, some other issues with this design is that its uncomfortable and they don’t stay on your person very well. You pretty much have no chance of doing much more than standing around or doing some plate loaded machine work with these on. You won’t be doing much of a dynamic workout and certainly not jogging for that matter. This all equals out to you being out of shape or at least lacking in functional fitness (see what I did there).


What I actually think and my impressions…

These headphones do exactly what they’re supposed to or what I was looking for them to do when I bought them (I waited for a couple months of usage before writing this).

1. They stay in your ears. I have done all different types of workouts while wearing these headphones. They haven’t even come close to coming out of my ears (even when I do burpees).

2. The bluetooth syncs fast. I don’t think any bluetooth device I own syncs as quickly as these headphones. It’s almost instantaneous.

3. No issues with sweat. I sweat a fair amount when I workout and it hasn’t ruined or changed the sound quality of these.

4. You forgot you’re wearing them. The construction is light and soft. They weight almost nothing. You can cinch the cord completely off your neck if you choose.

5. They work at least 50 plus feet away from your phone. Its really nice not having to have your phone on you or anywhere near you while you’re working out.

Absolutely pick up a pair of these if you want an excellent pair of headphones. I’ve noticed a lot of sales on them recently. You could even do like I did and get them half off at AT&T for being a customer. Happy listening.





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