In my humble opinion, the only thing better than becoming a healthier person and exercising is being efficient in doing so. I wanted to come up with a workout that’s extremely effective and can be completed in twenty minutes (if you want it to be). It’s the holiday season, so everyone is either busy complaining about how busy they are or they’re baking something. No one has ever drown in sweat, but feel free to throw on a life vest if you’re not feeling buoyant.


Tabata is high intensity type of interval workout that was inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata. He is a Japanese researcher who used this protocol in his study on athletes in 1996 (used to see if it would improve the performance of skaters).


300 movie backround

Tabata and Other Great Stuff…A memoir  

Warmup (2 minutes).

Tabata #1 (20 second interval=heavy bag work, 10 second interval=push-ups).

Rest (1 minute).

Front Squat @ 50% (Max reps).

Rest (30 seconds).

Tabata #2 (20 second interval=heavy bag work, 10 second interval=mountain climbers).

Rest (1 minute).

Back Squat @50% (Max reps).

Rest (If you wanna draw this out for longer.)

Lunges @ Max reps.

Run or Row till you’re dead or for at least the rest of the time allotted.

Cool down.

Go take a shower because you’re covered in bacteria now.

Thank FFB because you just burnt off a sugar cookie (plausible).






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