Best Fitness Documentaries

So…you’re sitting on your couch after you got off work and you’re tired. Or maybe you just got back from a workout and you’re recovering. Or maybe you haven’t been motivated to workout lately or ever before.

Either way, I’ve found in the past that watching fitness documentaries can be fairly motivational and inspiring to ones fitness journey. The beginning of a new year can be a great time to watch obviously because you’re trying to pick up on the “new year, new you” vibe.

I’ve come up with a list of some of the best fitness documentaries available. They’re in no particular order, so I’m not even going to number them.

Fitness documentary recommendations….

Fittest On Earth


Fittest On Earth (2016) is a film that documents the 2015 Reebok Crossfit games. It specifically follows the lives and training of Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir (the champions of the 2015 games). I consider this film to be the best of the Crossfit documentaries available.

Generation Iron


Generation Iron (2013) follows Branch Warren, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and a few other as they train for and compete in Mr. Olympia. It specifically focuses on the later two contenders as Greene had a good shot at dethroning Heath (the previous years Mr. Olympia). It is narrated by Mickey Rourke, which is a plus. I consider this to be one of if not the best film about body building.

Into The Wind


Into the Wind (2010) is a 30 for 30 film produced by ESPN. It documents the life of Terry Fox, a man who lost one of his legs to cancer and then sets out to run across Canada in order to raise money for cancer research. I’ve never seen a film that was more inspirational and moving.

Bigger Stronger Faster


Bigger Stronger Faster (2008) is a film that examines PED usage in sports and how that effected the perspective of the producers when they were growing up until now. This film is as informative as it is shocking when it comes to steroid usage among other drugs.

Pumping Iron


Pumping Iron (1977) is a film about Arnold Schwarzenegger training and competing in the 1975 Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe competitions. It mainly focuses on Arnold trying to win his fourth consecutive Mr. Universe and Lou Ferrigno trying to compete with him. This is the original fitness documentary and definitely one of the most entertaining.



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