It’s been over a year and I’ve written thirty or forty blogs about fitness and nutrition now. It seems like it time to branch out slightly. I’m going to test the waters with this blog for starters. Keep in mind that I’m not trying to get anyone irritated with my opinion and the things I’m going to write in the section below.  I’m entitled to my opinion and you are as well. Twisted panties are uncomfortable to wear, so just relax. My apologies if you know me personally and have heard my rants before.

I know coffee doesn’t matter to some people and its the life-blood of others.


Buying it prepared at a store or restaurant

If you’re buying coffee prepared at a store or restaurant, you’re either in a rush, on the go, lazy, or just prefer it. The biggest suppliers of prepared coffee are gas stations, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks.

Gas stations. Let’s be honest…just about everything gas stations offer leave a lot to be desired. From the food to the people to the bathrooms. The food can definitely be scary and questionable. However, for whatever reason I usually trust the coffee under certain circumstances.

Most decent gas will brew coffee and put it in the insulated dispensers (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m laying down here). Whats the point here? The dispenser keeps the coffee warm and keeps it from burning.


So gas station coffee usually isn’t the most fresh, but its definitely not burnt and because insulated containers are cheap, gas stations can easily supply multiple varieties of coffee. Try one till you’re content or maybe you just load it with flavored creamer and don’t care. Too soon?

Starbucks. I’d say Starbucks is probably my top choice as far as commercialized coffee goes. Starbucks parallels the experience of an independent coffee shop or maybe its the other way around (I’m not old enough to know that). What you get out of a Starbucks is high quality varieties of coffee and a relaxed/comfortable place to enjoy it in.


Some people seem to always complain that Starbucks is more expensive. I’m not one of those people. Of course you’re gonna pay five bucks for a ridiculous, sugary drinks for basic girls, but we aren’t talking about that right now. The price of a cup of Starbucks coffee is usually around ten cents more per cup than other coffee brands. Honestly, its worth it. Why? Starbucks makes their coffee fresh every half hour (other places like Panera Bread have followed suit with this). The other reason is because they’re extremely consistent and they usually have two to three varieties of coffee to choose from. These are usually regional or seasonal roasts.


Dunkin’ Donuts. Pardon me to the people who have spent time around me. You’ve heard this rant before. I worked at Dunkin’ when I was in High School. I was there for around six months and it turned me off to ever wanting to buy their coffee again, as well as their food. The hot coffee is only remade whenever the last pot runs out. I worked at a medium sized store and we only had two pots that we only ran at the same time during peak hours. There were times when we would run off the same pot for four hours or more because no one was coming into the store. The only time we dumped out excess coffee was if a customer complained that it tasted burnt or if third shift decided to clean the pots in the middle of the night. The excess coffee, burnt or not, was poured into a large tank in the back of the store. The tank wasn’t refrigerated and it was also what we used to make iced coffee. That’s right! We would just pull the spigot and make customers iced coffee with the old, burnt, and refrigerated blends from many days or months past. That will probably be hard to stomach for most of you, so I won’t get into how the food is made for now.

Making it at home

Drip Pot. This is the style of pot most people have sitting on their counter tops right now. They all pretty much work the same. The main variations are in the size, brand, and price. In my humble opinion, if you’re not going to spend $75 or more on a drip coffee pot then you may as well just buy the $20 Mr Coffee. The reason for this is most cheaper coffee pots don’t have a heating element that is powerful enough to get the full flavor out of your coffee grounds. I’m saying that if you have a $20 coffee pot then I would advise brewing your coffee using warm to hot water. However, using warm water in a higher quality coffee pot could decrease the taste quality of your coffee grounds.


K Cups. I understand why these things are popular, but I just can’t ride that wave and conform with it. I know they come in a great deal of flavors, but so do most brands of ground and whole bean coffee.

Then there’s the convenience factor. I guess it is convenient to slap a pod in and have coffee in around a minute. However, I think the coffee just tastes cheap. Its like a cup of coffee you’d give to a guest in your home that you don’t like or want to stay for very long.


They’re expensive for the quality of coffee. Same thing goes for the number of cups of coffee that you get out of a box of k cups, as well as the strength of the cups themselves.

Also, I don’t know if this is still valid and I really don’t even care enough to check my facts due to caring that little about k cups…but k cups are/or used to be full of BPA. The release of BPA is increased when you heat plastic (“Here’s your sign”). If convenience is more important than your welfare then you may want to evaluate your life a little bit.

French Press. One of the oldest ways to produce coffee at home. It’s also one of the best and most effective ways to do so. You can buy a decent quality french press for $20-30. You will always get the highest quality coffee, if you produce it correctly, because boil water for this method (Thus getting the full flavor).


I’m a huge fan of the Aero Press. If you aren’t familiar. This is a style of french press that allows you to press your coffee directly into a coffee cup. It’s made out of plastic, so it works good for people who want to make good quality coffee when they’re traveling or clumsy people. It’s also BPA free! 🙂

Whole Bean vs Ground

I’m out of literal ammo. Whole bean coffee usually tastes better, but as long as you make it the right way then you’re winning!




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